Aimée Lê (b. 1990) is a Vietnamese American writer, director and performer. Her work combines DIY production with text and performance.

She received her PhD in English and Practice-based Research from Royal Holloway, University of London.


Research profile

Poetics Research Centre

Recent Activity:

‘Without the Text at Hand: Postcolonial Writing and the Work of Memorisation’: Poetry and Work: Work in Modern and Contemporary Anglophone Poetry

Ways Not To Think About It: Glass: A Journal of Poetry

Review: "A Refuge for Jae-In Doe" Neon Books

Events in Athens 2018:

Glam Slam! 4, Saturday 22 September

● "A Critique of the Männerbund" (EN) @ asfaBBQ 2018: The Garden of Dystopian Pleasures, Wednesday 19 September

#TextMe_Lab residency, Atopos CVC, 02-07 May

● "New Book Depression" in the Fluffy Library as part of Athens 2018 World Book Capital

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